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Purchase the 'Fabulous Beyond 40'

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This is a limited time offer to own the 'Fabulous Beyond 40' interview series with 20 leading experts on how to live your best life beyond 40! It is now available in a downloadable audio format. So you can listen on the go!
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It's Here!!

Lisa's book, "Layman's Guide to a Healthier You" is now available for purchase!

You can now purchase Lisa's book online on Amazon! Click on the book to buy!

Lisa has written an exciting guide book to help you on your journey to a healthier more vibrant life! Alongside healthy recipes are tips and tricks to further your adventure on your path to becoming the best you possible! Become a subscriber today to get updates on the book and blog posts!


"I met Lisa through a mutual Facebook friend. She was very informative about teaching me about eating better

and introduced me to a 30 Day Detox. Lisa spent time via text, calls, and meetings to help educate me about how to order healthy at restaurants and things to be aware of when grocery shopping. She helped me keep focused on my goal of eating better and losing weight. I lost 10 lbs. leading up to the 30 Day Detox just by changing my diet and eating (snacking) habits. I lost an additional 5 labs during the detox. I would recommend Lisa as a healthy eating coach and mentor. She also provided me with healthy recipes as well."

/// Tony L.

I struggled losing weight for years, until Lisa's coaching helped me understand how to eat healthy and detox and then the weight came off!

/// Johana Rock

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